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this is a random question but (im a freshman about to start) if i booked transport to go from the albany airport to bennington when will we have confirmation of that booking or like the time or anything related so i know if i have to print something or not before going? — Asked by Anonymous

Hey there – so I don’t know the answer to this because it would be specific to your arrival time, but you should definitely contact Student Life (studentlife@bennington.edu). If, for some reason, they don’t reply to you feel free to email me and I can help you figure it out. 

Best of luck, 

Sara ‘19 (sarae@bennington.edu)

Oh! P.S… welcome to Bennington! <3 

hey, so, maybe a somewhat similar question to the one you guys just answered, but, if I like, were caught with weed or alc in my room, how bad would that be/ how likely is that to even happen? Should I be mad paranoid or can I just be the standard level of paranoid with keeping substances in my room. Thanks! — Asked by Anonymous

The short answer: standard level of paranoid, but just don’t do it.

Mike from Campus Safety just happened to be in the office when we read your question. He says:

“You probably shouldn’t bring substances into your room in the first place. If you’re caught violating policy, you’ll be written up and that will be sent to Student Life. They will then decide whether or not it requires a fine, a conversation, or a more serious ramification. We’re not going to bust your door down or handcuff you outside, it’s more ‘we’re gonna have to confiscate that, let’s think about your choices.’

It’s also inconsiderate of your roommate if you have things you shouldn’t have because it puts them in an uncomfortable and potentially vulnerable position.”

Campus Safety is approachable, wants to be a resource, and does not have a police mentality, but are still taxed with enforcing policy&nb sp;:) 

Do people kayak in the pond? — Asked by Anonymous

Unfortunately, students are not allowed to swim or kayak in the pond on campus, however, there are kayaks to rent at Lake Paran, which is in North Bennington, walking distance from campus. The Meyer Rec Barn also has a couple kayaks and canoes, which students can borrow for ~ free ~ if you have a way of transporting them to a body of water!

Happy paddling, 

Kat ‘21


Originally posted by shanebeam

Whats the 411 on students smoking weed on campus? Since the legalization, are more students open about smoking on campus? Does "individual dwellings" include campus? As I understand it, in Vermont if you are 21 you are able to posses at most an ounce this is non affective to patients prescribed medical marijuana. Part 2: If I'm already a registered medical marijuana patient in another state how does that affect me in VT? — Asked by Anonymous

Hey there, 

So the legalization of marijuana in the state of Vermont does not change the colleges rules – weed, along with possession/use of all other substances that are not federally legal, are not permitted on campus. 

Regardless of students/administrators personal feelings, this will remain so as long as weed is not federally legalized – as we are an institution that receives federal funding, the financial aid of the majority of our students would be put into jeopardy if we officially allowed weed on campus. So no, “individual dwellings” does not include campus. 

In terms of your medical license – honestly, I am not sure how this will work. You would definitely need to get a new license for VT (medical ID’s are not transferrable between states). But again, weed isn’t federally legal for recreational or medical use… I know, trust me, that this is a big problem esp. if it improves your quality of life. I would reach out to student life for this question – maybe, though I really don’t know, this would be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

Despite legality, people still use marijuana on campus. Substances/alcohol will likely be present on any college campus, it’s up to you to choose whether you want to partake or not. One thing I will say, though, is that I’ve never felt there to be a culture of peer pressure among the student body here – whether you’re a regular weed smoker or you are against smoking altogether, you should be able to be comfortable in your space. 

I hope this helps! Please feel free to email me with any follow-up questions. 


Sara ‘19

shower caddy? — Asked by Anonymous

Some people use them and some don’t – it depends on what your bathroom set up is and how many products you will be lugging to the shower. I personally have always used a shower caddy because I own way too many shower products and like to leave my stuff in my room rather than in the bathroom. A lot of people leave their stuff in the shower or in the cubbies in the bathroom too!

Emma N. ‘19

hello interns! i'm moving into perkins and as i understand this house is more or less like an apartment? i was wondering if you could give me a little more info on the set up of the WOO Houses. thank you! — Asked by Anonymous

Hi, hello to you too! Perkins is one of the newest houses on campus. It’s three stories high, has a balcony, a common room on every floor, and a spacious kitchen, which is usually clean. It’s also right next to the student center, where our dining hall is currently located. 

Take a peek at this video to virtually walk through the inside of your new home :)

see ya soon,

Kat ‘21

Hi! Im headed into my first year at bennington and was wondering if a lot of people make it home on weekends to visit family? Im from nyc.. also.. is there a finals week before Christmas break? I am asking all this because I need to make it back home for December 8th and im already worried ahead of time that I will be busy with college things. advice plz! :) — Asked by Anonymous

Hi there!

In response to your first question, plenty of people make it home for a weekend or two throughout the term in addition to breaks like long weekend or holidays like Thanksgiving, it all depends on how far away you live, and finding transportation, but it’s certainly doable! Sara ‘19 is from Brooklyn, and she says she doesn’t travel home that often due to the distance. As for getting to the city, you can use our Rideshare Facebook page to find a ride to Albany, then take a bus or train (Or sometimes you can find a ride all the way).

We don’t have a formal finals week, however the end of term will almost always be busy with projects and papers, depending on what kinds of classes you take. That being said, your teachers will always be willing to work with you to talk about how you can finish your work if you have to leave campus a bit early, so don’t worry too much!

Enjoy the rest of the summer,

Kim ‘20


Originally posted by 99082308

Couples of questions! As a bonafide city girl, I'm thinking about bringing a clothing rack to school (in addition to using closet space). Would that be ok? Rather, is there enough room? Question number two: If I desire to switch roommates does mean I could possibly switches houses? — Asked by Anonymous

Hi Bonafide City Girl, 

I’m from Brooklyn so I feel your city vibes, but I would really encourage you against bringing a clothing rack – if you decide that you need one once you’re here, and you and your roommate feel that you have enough space, then go for it. I’d start by thinking a bit more about what you don’t need to bring, rather than accommodating with a clothing rack… the rooms can get a bit crowded if you and your roomie bring extra furniture/things of that nature, so I’d feel it out first. 

I must confess, I’m a bit of a hoarder when it comes to clothes… but I’ve always been able to fit everything (even when I lived with roommates who shared my hoarder tendencies lol). So, don’t worry too much! 

In terms of moving – yes, you can totally switch roommates and houses if you feel the need to. The moving period opens up two weeks into term, so Student Life and Housing asks that you wait until then (of course, if there is an emergent reason for your move we can make that happen). Student Life and Housing, along with your House Chairs, can help you through the moving process. 

I hope this helps! 

Sara ‘19


Originally posted by aestheticcabyss

Is the dining hall good? Does it have healthy options? can students cook in their dorms? — Asked by Anonymous

“Good” is pretty subjective… but, overall, I think it’s pretty good. We have a decent amount of options – I’m a big fan of the self-cook station where you can throw together raw veggies, pasta/rice, all those tasty things in a sauté pan (a great option if you’re not into any of the prepared meals). BUT, there are always at least three hot food entrees (vegan, vegetarian, meat protein) as well as gluten free options. There’s a salad bar, grain bar, sandwich bar, ice cream bar… uh, I think that covers it for the ‘bars’ haha. 

Feel free to check out the ‘dining’ page on the Bennington website – I couldn’t find it right now, but I know that our menu is online during the academic term. We’re on a 30-day rotation, so meals usually aren’t repeated more than once a month. 

In terms of cooking in your house – yes, you totally can! I can’t say what supplies/cookware will be there, but every house has a full kitchen (stove/oven, refrigerator, and microwave). 

I hope this helps! Cheers, 

Sara ‘19


Originally posted by manganimae

shower shoes? — Asked by Anonymous

While I usually bathe barefoot, the other interns recommend flip flops and crocs. However, because we only share bathrooms with 4-6 other students, the floors are generally pretty clean. 

Kat ‘21

hello, im in stokes and want to bring an extension chord mainly for a lamp and charging wires. is that within rules regarding fire hazards? also should i bring hangers or expect to buy them? thank you! — Asked by Anonymous

hiya - so on the residential life page, it says that students can bring power strips (UL listed only), but not extension cords. Basically, along the same lines as air fresheners, there needs to be an on/off switch, and it can’t have so much power that it might blow the house up.

Happy charging,

Kat ‘21

Hey, I'm wondering how contemporary rap music is perceived on campus and if it's played at social gatherings, parties, ect. — Asked by Anonymous

Haha, so none of us in the office knew exactly how to answer this question… mainly because, yes, people listen to contemporary rap. 

People here really listen to all types of music, and depending on where you go you’ll hear different music. Some parties you’ll hear mostly contemporary pop with a few #throwbacks, others it’ll be RnB, others techno, others a mish-mash… like I said, it really depends. 

Sorry if this doesn’t exactly answer your question lol… but yes, plenty of folks here ~*love*~ rap. Personally, I’m a fan of Kendrick. Ivett really likes Cardi B. Lots of Kanye crushes, but that seems to be true anywhere. 


Originally posted by kanyewesthq

hi! this is a strange question, but how have you split your closet with your roommates in the past? thank you and have an awesome rest of your summers :) — Asked by Anonymous

Sara ‘19: My roommate and I just mixed all of our clothes together lol… 

Ivett ‘18.5: Ivett and her roommate split the closet clean down the middle, a good 50/50 (the most common technique, if you ask me). 

Kat ‘21: Kat’s roommate hung her clothes, while Kat tended to pile them up. 

Below, a GIF demonstrating Kat’s closet


Originally posted by tot alrecallvintage

For those of us who will have wardrobes instead of closets, would it be suggested we bring a trunk or something similar to put shoes and extra sheets in? Bins for under the bed? From, a storage space enthusiast — Asked by Anonymous

Hey, I just answer a ~*very similar*~ question, so check out what I said! 

Short answer: nope! You’ll have the same amount of room as everyone else – if you’re bringing a lot, you’d probably want extra storage either way. But, you can always buy storage stuff here if you realize you don’t have enough space. 


Sara ‘19

Hey Bennington students, what do you have for mental health resources? I have had a bit of a past with mental illness and one of the more important things in me looking for a school is the resources it offers (therapy pets, counseling, etc.) Thanks!! — Asked by skelebestfriend

Hi Skelebestfriend, 

We’ve made several posts about this in the past, so I encourage you to look into those. This is an important thing to consider when attending any college, so I’m glad that you’ve asked!

In terms of what we offer, we have a pretty dedicated health and psychological services team – you can read more about them on our website, if you like. Health and psych services are located in our lovely little Health Services barn, which is just down a hill behind the library – I’ve found it to be a private, cozy, and supportive environment. I also think it’s important to mention that there isn’t a stigma about receiving mental health services on campus; this is paramount in creating a safe and welcoming community and it’s something that I really appreciate!

Outside of health and psych servic es, we also have Ali Tartaglia – she is our director of student health promotion and is a confidential resource for students (as well as generally kindhearted and amazing human being). 

You will always have someone to talk to – Ali has a 24/7 hotline that Campus Safety can provide you. Speaking of Campo, they’re also available 24/7 if you’re ever in an emergent situation. 

Therapy is available 7 days a week on campus, though there is always a member of the psych services team on call – whether you need to talk in the moment or feel the need to schedule a therapy session asap, you’ll have someone to call. 

In terms of animals… the library has brought in therapy dogs during midterms/finals in the past, though this isn’t a guarantee. Some students choose to have Service Dogs or Emotional Support Animals (ESA’s), though you would need to register y our animal with the college – if this is of interest to you, please reach out and I can put you in contact with the folks you’d need to talk to!

Does this help? Like I said, this is a really important topic! Please feel free to reach out to me personally if you have any more questions. My email is sarae@bennington.edu

Thanks for asking!

Sara ‘19


Originally posted by shieldofglass